Our Mission

Providing geochemically-sound strategy for industry, to create value through impact—toward the success of our clients, society, and disciplines.


Tamara Diedrich

Tamara Diedrich | PhD, PG (MN)

Principal Geochemist, CEO

John Swenson

John Swenson | PhD

Senior Environmental Scientist, Mathematical Modeler

Allison Haus

Allison Haus | PhD, PG (MN)

Senior Geochemist

Joel Bandstra

Joel Bandstra | PhD

Senior Environmental Engineer

Kristin Riker-Coleman

Kristin Riker-Coleman | PhD

Environmental Scientist

Kathryn Vall

Kathryn Vall

Geochemist, Data Specialist

Employment Opportunities

Do you see geochemistry everywhere?

MineraLogic is always seeking thoughtful scientists who are driven to solve real-world problems by applying fundamental concepts from fields including environmental geochemistry, chemical thermodynamics, and hydrogeology. We are committed to supporting our clients and colleagues in the pursuit of high-quality, impactful work. If you would like to be considered for this team, please submit a CV to info@mnlogic.com. An accompanying letter with statements of interest, while not necessary, would be well received.