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work for industry

Our scientists apply characterization, modeling, and data analysis tools to provide robust technical bases for decision making. Every project is unique. We embrace challenging problems and always welcome hearing from current and potential clients to discuss their project needs.

Geochemical Material Characterization

We design and interpret comprehensive geochemical characterization programs on non-ore grade rocks and other mine waste materials. We help clients develop plans to efficiently manage mine wastes that are protective of the environment.

Mine Waste Management Graph

Geochemical Modeling and Forecasting

water quality prediction

Our team makes projections of constituent concentrations based on geochemical and hydrologic models. We integrate model uncertainty management to recognize extents of model capability for risk management purposes.

In addition to our work for clients, MineraLogic is being funded by the Department of Energy to develop a novel method and database for empirically-based water chemistry evaluations, based on emerging concepts in reference class forecasting. We are excited to bring this toolset forward into project development.

Source Control

We tailor progressive series of data analyses, geochemical modeling, and in situ field corroboration to identify opportunities to prevent release of constituents into the environment and limit long-term operating obligations.

MineraLogic Geochemical Mine Waste Management

Data Visualization and Management

MineraLogic Geochemical Mine Waste Management

Our data science team is adept at coding to efficiently visualize, quality control, manage and store project data; all done by experts intimately familiar with complex geoscience-style data.

Environmental Review, Permitting and Risk Management

We bring thoughtful and strategic expertise to integrate geochemical data, analyses and interpretation in context of environmental regulatory and permit requirements.

water quality prediction

Carbon Mineralization Potential for Mining Byproducts

MineraLogic is proud to be supported by the National Science Foundation and industry partners to develop geochemical tools to forecast the potential for geologic materials to sequester atmospheric CO2 through accelerated weathering processes.

National Science Foundation LogoIt has been estimated that mine waste has the potential to sequester up to 10s of millions of tons of CO2 per year through carbon mineralization. With our capabilities, we aim to both help industry fully realize this potential and identify new geological feedstock for additional carbon mineralization projects.