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Our scientists apply characterization, modeling, and data analysis tools to provide robust technical bases for decision making. Every project is unique. We embrace challenging problems and always welcome hearing from current and potential clients to discuss their project needs.

Mine Waste Management

Mine Waste Management Graph

Non-ore grade rock and mineral residuals are excavated, produced, and managed during the course of sourcing the raw materials that support society. As these geologic materials are exposed to atmosphere and precipitation, they undergo weathering reactions. We apply industry best-practice analytical and evaluation techniques—including static testing, kinetic testing, and acid-base accounting (ABA)—complemented by custom and research characterization methods, as needed—to identify and manage the risk of these weathering reactions to the surrounding environment.

Carbon Sequestration

MineraLogic is proud to be supported by the National Science Foundation and industry partners to develop geochemical tools to forecast the potential for geologic materials to sequester atmospheric CO2 through accelerated weathering processes.

National Science Foundation LogoIt has been estimated that mine waste has the potential to sequester up to 10s of millions of tons of CO2 per year through carbon mineralization. With our capabilities, we aim to both help industry fully realize this potential and identify new geological feedstock for additional carbon mineralization projects.

Water Quality Prediction

water quality prediction

Trends and relationships among water chemistry parameters can provide insights on current and future geochemical conditions. We analyze water chemistry datasets to establish baseline conditions, identify trends, and/or determine chemical relationships that are indicative of underlying geochemical processes. Depending on project needs, techniques may include exploratory data analysis, statistical testing, quality control charting, and hydrogeochemical modeling.

In addition to our work for clients, MineraLogic is being funded by the Department of Energy to develop a novel method and database for empirically-based water chemistry evaluations, based on emerging concepts in reference class forecasting. We look forward to applying these tools to mineral projects in all stages of the mine life development cycle.