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For science-driven strategy

Rocks. Fluids. Solutions.

Geochemistry provides a coherent framework for understanding the distribution and mobility of chemical elements as they cycle through geologic systems.

We help industry develop geochemically-sound strategies that manage risks—and realize opportunities—created by reactions between minerals, water, and atmosphere.

Resiliency for a Changing Climate

Geochemical weathering of rocks has provided a key input into the long-term chemical evolution of Earth’s hydroshpere and atmosphere. The minerals that are exposed during regular mining activities creates additional risk and opportunity with respect to our changing climate.

MineraLogic is building off our existing technical competencies to develop service offerings that help our clients mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

Mining and Water

Mining provides essential raw materials for society, and MineraLogic is committed to helping industry successfully develop, permit, and operate mines that incorporate best practices to minimize impacts on surrounding water resources.

We work with mining companies to characterize the geochemistry of waste rock and tailings that will be encountered on site, and leverage this knowledge into effective solutions to meet the environmental objectives for their projects.

Earth scientists with deep expertise to complement your team

Situated in northern Minnesota, on the southern extent of the Canadian Shield, our practice has significant depth of experience with the mineral deposit types represented in our region: iron formation, magmatic copper-nickel-cobalt-PGE, VMS, and sediment- hosted stratiform copper deposits.